For any first-time waxers, please leave the hair to grow for a good 3 weeks before your wax to ensure as many hairs as possible have grown to the correct length for waxing.


Both Brazilian and Hollywood waxes are performed using the Hot Wax method,

proven to be upto 70% less painful then the traditional strip wax method.


Brazilian £27.50

Hollywood £27.50

Full Leg Wax £22.50

Half Leg Wax £15

Full Leg and Bikini £30.00

Half Leg and Bikini £22.50

Bikini Line £10

High Bikini Line £15

Half Arm £12

Full Arm £18

Underarm £8.50

Eyebrows £7

Lip Wax £6

Chin Wax £6

Lip and Chin £10

Back Wax £20

Chest Wax £18




Waxing for a holiday???


Please bear in mind that if you normally shave, you will probably need 2-3 waxing sessions to get a truly thorough wax for your hols. Shaving causes the hair to grow in different cycles so it's likely that your hairs will be different lengths when you come in. Regular waxing synchronises hair growth, so in order to get all hairs growing through together and out at the same time, it's recommended to have a few waxing sessions in the months running up to your holiday.


Men's Intimate Waxing...


For the man in your life, please visit www.backorbeyond.co.uk for professional male grooming including male Brazilians.



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